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  1. WA Larry's 2017 Moab thread

    Trails, Off-road, and Adventure Riding
    I've been working a lot, and then playing a lot, so I haven't made the time to work on editing video. I got one done, so I thought I'd start this thread to post what I get done to. Below is Day 2 - Chicken Corners via Kane Springs Rd and Hurrah Pass. I brought Sidekick Chad and his XT225...
  2. Thoughts on moving to Utah and Colorado?

    So SoCal is out of the question. I've been thinking about moving to Moab or Grand Junction. I think it'd be amazing to ride around those 2 places every week. I've lived the city life my whole life and i enjoy the few times i get away to ride. If anyone has experiences in Utah or Colorado, please...
  3. Moab?? Where is the info?

    General Discussion
    Sorry for being a clueless n00b, but where is the info on this Moab gathering I see referred to in several threads? :confused:
  4. Just back from Utah...

    Trails, Off-road, and Adventure Riding
    Saw some beautiful country. Took a ton of pictures. Without going into a lot of details, if you get a chance to ride the White Rim road in Canyonlands N.P. I think you'll enjoy it. It took about 8 1/2 hours to do the loop. I was solo but it would be a good idea to have at least one other person...