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  1. Technical Help
    Good day to all. I am a noob at this. And im planning on making my tw200 into hobby bike (modify and such) . I have very basic bike engineering knowledge and i am facing a situation. I want to have a dual front disk on my 1992 tw200. And am seeing my only option available as a 120/70-17 wheel...
  2. Performance and Customization
    I changed the stock 50t sprocket to a 47t. Makes first gear a lot more usable. There is a definite decrease in torque and you get about 500RPM less at 90km/h in 5th gear. I didn't change the chain to a 120link instead of a 122link, like recommended. The 122link chain still works but your cam...
  3. Performance and Customization
    Hi Everyone, I'm Jim from Michigan & Indiana, and this is my first post. I appreciate that this forum is here and have used it for advice & suggestions for months. I bought a 2017 TW in April and have put ~2700 miles on it. The 1st month of riding my bike, I realized that the stock headlight...
  4. General Discussion
    My dad recently fabricated an exact replica of a TW rear rack that was on cycle, and he welded it, fabricated it, and smoothed it out so its almost exactly the same thing, anyway, i wanted trunk for the back of it like i thought at first maybe just an aluminum toolbox, but after...
  5. Performance and Customization
    Newbie to the TW world here, just thinking of buying one. I would like to use it for commuting as well as some long distance-ish rides and of course some trails if I can. Here in Sri Lanka we have many modified TWs on the market imported from Japan. Most of them have their side farings removed...
  6. Performance and Customization
    I am trying to find out what larger displacement engine will fit the '89 TW200 without chopping it up too much. Thank you ahead of time for the insight. I hav been combing the old threads but cannot find much on this subject.
  7. Performance and Customization
    Hi! I recently decided that I should modify my bike, to get better performance out of it. Right now I get about 95km/h of speed, but I'd like to go up to 110km/h, at least. I've heard some things about a needle shim mod , and I'm wondering if this could be done for the TW125? I'd also like to...
1-7 of 7 Results