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  1. General Discussion
    Hello all, I just got a 2009 Tw200 this past weekend as my very first motorcycle. I am 19 and have been wanting a bike for some time now, and I'll say it now, I had absolutely no intentions of settling on a TW. But, my uncle had one that he was selling so I jumped on it and I have become the...
  2. Performance and Customization
    I thought after having my TW for just about 2 years now, I would post some of the mods I have put on it since I have arguably one of the most modded TW's I've ever seen on this forum;). I got my Yamaha TW200 May 8th, 2015. It is my first ever motorcycle, and I got it for $2000, all stock with...
  3. Performance and Customization
    Cabin fever and cold weather were getting the better of me until this weekend, when I was able to spend some time in my shop adding a few new features to my 2010 T-dub. It's ready for some trail riding now. Instead of spending hundreds on some soft saddlebag mounts, I fired up the...
  4. TW200 Pictures / Videos
    hey guys! i have a youtube channel if you are interested! i basically ride my tw and talk to myself! and ride wheelies lol, go check it out or just search motomax, should be the first channel that shows up!:rolleyes:;);)
  5. Performance and Customization
    Just a quick question that you've all probably hard a million times before, but just again, what is the largest size gas tank that would fit on my TW:confused: and more importantly does anybody have a link to a good, maybe metal (doesn't have to be) cheaper priced XT350 (i think) gas tank, i...
  6. Technical Help
    I have a 1998 Xt225 , My wife backed into its frame while apart for powdercoating. Now its smooshed. What years and other models can I use to bolt on ALL my MAIN XT225 stuff. I dont care if Its a tw200 frame and of course would like to replace my frame with the newest model year I can. So If i...
  7. Performance and Customization
    Hey guys I know there are many posts about this but figured a fresh take on it would be nice. There are so many modifications to be done. What mods do you think should be done first and why. So far I have just adjusted my pilot screw and installed a 130 main jet. I am now going to want to...
  8. Performance and Customization
    Hi! I recently decided that I should modify my bike, to get better performance out of it. Right now I get about 95km/h of speed, but I'd like to go up to 110km/h, at least. I've heard some things about a needle shim mod , and I'm wondering if this could be done for the TW125? I'd also like to...
  9. Performance and Customization
    Hey guys Has anyone else wanted to replace that painted steel header? I sure would love to Does anyone make aftermarket headers for the TDub? Please post with any header options you may know of. Thanks TW fans :)
  10. Performance and Customization
    Hi there guys, new tw enthusiast here. I am wondering first off will I need to be re-jetting the carbs for the DG "O" series slip on exhaust? And if so what might be good main and/ or pilot jets to change out to.
1-10 of 10 Results