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  1. Technical Help
    Thoughts anyone? How hot does the left side of your engine case feel after a good ride. I’ve recently sensed my motor putting out more heat than I recall before. It doesn’t seem to be from the cylinder area (which I’d expect to be hot) but rather down by the case. After a ride, on the left side...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey all, First time poster here. I have a 1989 TDub that the motor is seized up. Anyone have any leads on a replacement motor? Tried Ebay, nothing really standing out. Thanks!
  3. TW200 Classifieds
    I recently went on a dual sport trip with a bunch of guys on their 650 cc bikes. While maxing the TW out back on the highway, my engine died. Still cranks but no start. Inspected my bike at a shop and saw 1 valve has broken, piston was damaged from the valve tapping it. Crankshaft is possibly...
1-3 of 3 Results