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  1. Thoughts on moving to Utah and Colorado?

    So SoCal is out of the question. I've been thinking about moving to Moab or Grand Junction. I think it'd be amazing to ride around those 2 places every week. I've lived the city life my whole life and i enjoy the few times i get away to ride. If anyone has experiences in Utah or Colorado, please...
  2. Talk me out of moving to San Jose or California

    My family is moving to San Jose, CA. While being close to family is good, i've had to give up my concealed carry privelages for the past 3 years when i left TX to move to NY. I see that NY is also very anti- dual sport as Most of my rides have been in PA. Can anyone here suggest places in CA...
  3. Moving--How to make it easy

    Performance and Customization
    Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time I am moving again for the second time in 11 months, but this time I am moving back home to San Diego. I am using a 10' van so this is what I built. Maybe it will give someone some ideas for a future move. And yes, I will be securing it in the box...