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  1. Help ID'ing this exhaust setup...

    Performance and Customization
    I just picked up a stock 2015 and I'm already dreaming of customizing it to my liking. I like the look of this exhaust/fender combo. Can anyone tell me if the fender was cut, or if there's an aftermarket fender option without the plastic flap? Also, what about the heat shield and/or muffler? It...
  2. WTB: used muffler for 2002 TW200

    TW200 Classifieds
    ***No longer looking - bought a new one.*** Hello all! After months of day dreaming about TWs, I finally added a 2002 with about 9,600 miles to the garage. Although it needed a good cleaning, it's in pretty good shape overall. One of the POs gutted the OEM muffler and it is a little too loud...
  3. Want to buy replacement muffler

    TW200 Classifieds
    Want to buy replacement muffler for 2010 TW, prefer stock item; looking for something QUIET and doesn't require remortgaging the house... I think most recent years will fit (?), so doesn't have to be 2010, or high performance. Thanks.
  4. WTB: Old-style stock muffler

    TW200 Classifieds
    Looking to replace the muffler on my '87. I'm trying to find a stock exhaust in good condition w/ the spark arrestor in place. Thanks!
  5. DG O-series HELP

    Technical Help
    I purchased a DG O-series muffler for my Tdub last season. Somehow my exhaust rattled loose and lost the tension on the springs and needless to say, I have approximately zero springs. I was wondering if anyone with a DG on their Tdub could give me a rough estimate on how long those springs are...