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need advice

  1. General Discussion
    Found a 2006 TW200 with 12,000 miles and a base gasket leak and one torn fork boot, but otherwise perfect for $2800. Should I get it? I may keep it or I may just take the front and rear racks off it for my other TW and relist it in a month. Think it would resell easy even with 12000 miles on it?
  2. Technical Help
    Been having a lot of "fun" trying to get my 2005 Tw200 started. I have a video of me trying to start it 5558miles Replaced the coil and spark plug Checked spark (bright white) Checked relay assembly (checked it on another bike) Checked rectifier (checked it on another bike) Checked fuel...
  3. General Discussion
    I am new to the TW200, but have ridden cruisers since I was 19. I've always wanted to go off-road, but am not a daredevil (I'll leave that up to the cousins). Adventure, though! :D That makes me happy. This little bike seems to fit the bill. I want to buy one, but want to understand the...