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  1. Technical Help
    I had my bike torn apart under a tarp for a couple months while doing rings. (long story... ordered the wrong rings a couple times in a row because I didn't realize the previous owner had bored out the cylinder...). When I finally got the engine back together and went to start it up, I found...
  2. Technical Help
    Hey there! I have a '00 TW200 that stalled out while riding. Now it cranks but won't start. I replaced the spark plug, but it doesn't spark when grounded to the block. Neither did the old plug. I know the carb is good, the battery is charged, and the filter is clear... That leaves me with a...
  3. Technical Help
    Hello, New owner of a 1999/2000 TW200 as of about a couple hours ago. I've always thought these bikes looked really cool with there large tires and low sitting seats so when one popped up on craigslist for a great deal I couldn't pass it up. The guy I bought it from said that the CDI was bad...
  4. Technical Help
    Hello all 87 TW200. R&R stator, p/u, ign coil, plug. Verified all wiring, ground and switches n/o-n/c. Reluctantly leaning toward CDI, but don't like the pricing. ? anyone know of any way of determining its fault. Already froze unit to -40*F and still no spark except for the tools across garage...
1-4 of 4 Results