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odometer/speedometer assembly

  1. Technical Help
    I have a curiosity regarding these kind of speedometers , would they be more suitable for the setup given by the tw? I'm waiting for one of those small speedometers and I see that once I take the old one off I'll have an extra 4 or 5 cables that I'm not sure where they'll go. Today I've come...
  2. Performance and Customization
    Hi everyone, my speedometer is not working very well and I'm thinking to get a new one, are you aware of any aftermarket speedometer that are "plug and go"? Or at least something that requires minimal amount of wiring? I've read a few posts and it seems like people go through hell when wiring...
  3. Technical Help
    EDIT: Odometer assembly was plug and play. I have aftermarket blinkers that are the culprit for the blinkers not working. That is the next problem to trouble shoot. I have a 2000 TW200 that I bought with no odometer/speedometer assembly. I thought it would be a pretty easy fix to buy a used OEM...