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  1. Oil coolers still available?

    Performance and Customization
    Hey everyone, I am very new to TWs but I used to own a 71 Yamaha RT1mx, I just picked up a new 2019 and put 200 miles on it since last week. Currently, I am doing alot of in town riding but I am going back to college this fall and I will have access to hundreds of miles of logging trails. My...
  2. New in Box Lizrdbrth Oil Cooler Complete Original "Cali" Kit

    TW200 Classifieds
    -=SOLD=- New in Box Lizrdbrth Oil Cooler Complete Original "Cali" Kit -=SOLD=- I have one extra Lizrdbrth oil cooler kit I never used my cost was $200 and I'll sell for $200 plus USPS Medium Flat Rate Postage so $211 total It's still in the USPS Flat rate box that Russ personally delivered to...
  3. My lizrdbrth oil cooler install

    Technical Help
    Finally getting around to posting pix of my install. Did a lot of reading prior to purchase/install and considering the summer temps in central Texas I elected to mount my cooler inverted. Overall shot Close-up attempting to show mounting bracket. Just a piece of old alternator bracket...