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  1. Technical Help
    New Moto/ TW owner...I need some simple advice on changing the oil and other common fluids on a 92' TW200 with 20k mi. with no idea of service history. 1.Some say change/ clean and reuse the filter...Brand? Online? Local parts house or dealer? 2. do I need to replace the O-ring/s? 3...
  2. Technical Help
    The reason why I'm posting this is to inform you guys about a problem that I had for the past 2 months that caused me a) a LOT of frustration b) some money {$100} c) and time {2 months} and I want to spare you all of this and I'm sure someone is going to run into a similar problem It all...
  3. Technical Help
    Yep, for the 3rd time I've gotten my oil drain plug stuck and ended up rounding off the soft metal hex head! DOH!!! You'd think I would have learned on the first and second time. Well this time it was really stuck... my final solution on this one, drill a hole through the head, stick a...
  4. Technical Help
    Hey guys, What is the best break in oil to use? And when should I switch to synthetic? Thanks -Alexander
1-4 of 4 Results