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  1. 2016 TW200 appears to be running rich and burning oil?

    Technical Help
    Hey guys first time post, I have to say thank you to the hosts of this site for keeping it running! I have found this website a great resource for my new T-Dub. I have owned my 2016 T-Dub for about 5 weeks now, I have put about 1700 miles on the bike. I have done all of the required maintenance...
  2. Tail light w/Integrated turn signal question.

    Performance and Customization
    Back story: I purchased a New LED tail light with integrated turn signals of ebay. I already had the LED tail light from PROCYCLE. I bought the ebay LED because I also just recently bought a pair of LED Tuff Lite turn signals and didnt realize it was only one pair (blonde moment). Instead of...