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  1. General Discussion
    Hey all, wondering if you have any suggestions for cases or bags that fit nicely on the cycle rack “hump” model. This being the one with the raised handle at the back. The actual mounting area is rectangular so that makes it difficult for many of the standard top cases. photos for inspo would...
  2. Performance and Customization
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a rack from manracks but I don't know for sure if it will fitt on my 1999 TW 125. Does anyone have experience with fitting them on a 125? Is there a lot of difference between the frames of a 125 and a 200? Thanks in advance Goat_rider4
  3. TW200 Classifieds
    ** Edit: Gas tank sold. ** *Edit 2: Rack sold. * Rear rack, brand unknown in good used condition. $40 including shipping, $20 if you pick it up. Located in Leesburg Virginia.
  4. General Discussion
    Hi! Just bought my first bike/first TW as my commuter & main mode of transportation here in Chicago. I ride pretty frequently with a passenger, and I'm curious what accommodations exist to make 2-up riding a little more enjoyable. I'm also in the market for a rear rack and I'm wondering what...
  5. TW200 Classifieds
    Dear Tdubbers, Put 26,000 miles of mostly dirt on my beloved "Ratty Pigeon". He's the first tw200 to do the trans Labrador and the complete Continental Divide amongst other crazy-fun adventures. Every year I give him a rowdy new paint job. This year he sports a Wonder Woman theme, complete with...
  6. Performance and Customization
    Cabin fever and cold weather were getting the better of me until this weekend, when I was able to spend some time in my shop adding a few new features to my 2010 T-dub. It's ready for some trail riding now. Instead of spending hundreds on some soft saddlebag mounts, I fired up the...
  7. General Discussion
    I recently inherited a 2015 tw with 36 miles and have been really enjoying the bike so far. This is my first post to the forum however I have been reading through this forum a lot and have already solved my carb issue, so I am hopeful that someone can help me with this. Along with the bike came...
  8. General Discussion
    What are the pros/cons of getting a rack with the hump vs the flat. What do you recommend?
  9. Technical Help
    Hey, all, New member here with what is probably a question that has been answered before - but I'm afraid I can't find what I'm looking for. I'm new to motorcycling (well returning in my mid-40s after dirt biking as a teen) and just bought a 2009 with only 80 miles on it! Love the thing and...
  10. Performance and Customization
    Recently, I have put my TW through a transformation in preparation for fall. Normally, my bike is a daily commuter, so I love the white to help be seen by the idiot cagers. I finally got around to building myself a set of racks inspired by the previous work of r80rt and Toyanvil. Front...
  11. TW200 Classifieds
    I have a Yamaha rear rack to sell that is in great condition. Send me an offer that you think is fair. I don't think it's economical to ship it with the milk crate attached but if you're willing to pay the extra shipping, I'll send it with it.-SOLD. THANK YOU.
1-11 of 11 Results