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  1. Technical Help
    I just bought a project bike from a friend and I’m super stoked about it. I’m having a hard time getting the rectifier to sit flat in its position to the frame. It’s sort of leans up on the left side frame about 1/8th to a quarter inch off of its flat point. The seat isn’t mating up like it...
  2. Technical Help
    So we have tried two rectifiers for the 87tw the last one fried.question is how do I find out the correct pin out on the rectifier? Can't keep buying rectifiers hoping it's the right one.Any suggestions?? We have lots of voltage out of the stator and it runs fine but won't charge,has to be the...
  3. Technical Help
    Hi everyone, got a 2007 Tw200. Recently charging less, so much so that new battery keeps draining. Redone the stator coil and fitted a few aftermarket regulator rectifier. Problem not fixed. Can it be that I need a genuine part regulator rectifier?? Charging only about 12.2V when revving.