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  1. Performance and Customization
    I have several months to wait before I can ride my new 2019 TW200, so I will try to make some improvements. Here is my project: Redo the wiring of my auxiliary led lamps which were badly wired by previous owner and which are connected directly to the battery. I would also like to add a...
  2. Technical Help
    I've done a lot of reading on these forums over the last few weeks and I know this has been asked before, but everyone has their own opinions and I can't seem to find a definitive answer. I know there's not one right answer so just looking for some people to chime in with their thoughts on this...
  3. Technical Help
    Found Some Pics . (1987 TDub ) bypass method
  4. Technical Help
    Relay hoax .megazip japan - New Genuine OEM Japanese Parts Online Store stealing people's money . Think twice before u order
  5. Technical Help
    Tw200 1987 . Ignition circuit cut- off relay gone bad . Check with multimeter . Kick start works fine. Blinkers & neutral indicator doesn't work. Does any one know the wire trick (Jumper wire)
  6. Technical Help
    It appears to me the service manual diagram for testing the 1987 TW200 ignition circuit cut-off relay is incorrect. It is obvious from the ignition circuit diagram that the two wires powering this solenoid are the Brown and Sky Blue wires. These connect to the two lower terminals when the...
  7. Technical Help
    So I replaced my turn signals with LED lights(all four) also I replaced the flasher relay(FE246BH) with one made for LED's from But the turn signals do not blink. Also the turn indicator on the instrument cluster does not light up. What am I missing from the...
  8. Technical Help
    Im trying to install the relay I bought from Procycle. The relay has 3 prongs, a little wire harness with the corresponding wires, and it also came with a longer green wire with a terminal ring on the end. I hooked everything up besides the long green wire because there was no direction as to...
1-8 of 9 Results