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  1. Blinkers not blinking

    Technical Help
    Hey guys, I just switched out my signal lights in the front with the Zeta integrated hand guard led light kit and replaced the rear signal lights with the 12oclocklab led blinkers. Now they both front and back don't blink, they just hold a solid light and don't blink. Please help
  2. Relay Bypass [1RL-81950-92-00]

    Technical Help
    Found Some Pics . (1987 TDub ) bypass method
  3. Relay Hoax?

    Technical Help
    Relay hoax .megazip japan - New Genuine OEM Japanese Parts Online Store stealing people's money . Think twice before u order
  4. Ignition Circuit Cut - Off Relay

    Technical Help
    Tw200 1987 . Ignition circuit cut- off relay gone bad . Check with multimeter . Kick start works fine. Blinkers & neutral indicator doesn't work. Does any one know the wire trick (Jumper wire)
  5. 1987 TW200 indicators not working

    Technical Help
    Hey guys so I bought a 1987 Tw200 and I've hit a wall. First I know my regulator rectifier is bad, and second I can't get any of my indicators to work. My hi and low front beams work and so does my back running light. If someone could show me the part number or a link to a relay that would be...