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  1. Technical Help
    Noobie question here. This is my first time doing any work on my TW. I'm changing the front and rear sprockets (14t and 50t) and putting on a new chain. I will also change the oil and filter. I'm wondering if I need to buy anything else? It looks like I need a gasket, maybe? But not a full...
  2. Technical Help
    here are some pictures of my work
  3. Technical Help
    So I just read an article over at Thumpertalk about nine tools you absolutely must have on your bike anytime you leave the pavement. Specifically, not just "tools that would be nice to have" but rather "tools that you would not leave the pavement without." I wonder if the author is actually a...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello, Not being a habitual poster on forums, I tend to listen/read more than than talk/post. Recently been presented with the opportunity to purchase a used, 1992, TW200, with ~10,000 miles on her for ~$1200 (last week). Now, after a few pleasant exchanges with the person in question, it...
  5. Technical Help
    The last few rides, today especially, I have gotten a strange metal rattling/scratching noise in relation to my RPMs. It doesn't sound horrible but it has recently cropped up and does sound potentially damaging. It usually doesn't occur right when I start the bike, and today after 15 minutes it...
  6. General Discussion
    Hi Guys from DM of the uk. Have a late 80's tw200 that I got from a friend - awesome bike! Got me back into riding after crashing a kwak 400 import. And that rear knobbly is fantastic. Shipped this bike out to Spain a few years ago where it now sits in a garage waiting to see the light of day...
1-6 of 6 Results