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  1. Performance and Customization
    Winter is approaching and the TW is patiently sitting in the garage next to it's friend the 1991 organ donor. The plan is to tear down the 1989, rebuild engine and paint the frame and swingarm. Fork seals, steering head bearings and whatever else becomes needy as the parts begin to expose...
  2. Performance and Customization
    I recently acquired my 1995 TW with 16,000 miles (still can't believe it) and I wanted to make it mine and make it stand out from the crowd. I had a little time left in the season to ride it before I put it in my shop to "restore" it. This is what I started with, orange seat and all. I wasted...
  3. General Discussion
    So just thought i'd drop a post on where I'm at with my '06 TW200.. I recently obtained this bike over the summer, but before that, it had been sitting, not moving an inch or being started, in the mountains for about six years or so. When I first picked it up, nothing worked. Gas tank was still...
1-3 of 3 Results