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  1. tw225e carb rebuild

    Technical Help
    hi all, i've got a 2004 tw225e (japan model) which i've just bought recently from Japan. Done a couple of test rides and looked perfectly fine except for 1 thing, it was working quite lean. I came to this conclusion mainly cause : - Spark plug was on the white-ish side (quite a bit) - idle...
  2. 2016 TW200 appears to be running rich and burning oil?

    Technical Help
    Hey guys first time post, I have to say thank you to the hosts of this site for keeping it running! I have found this website a great resource for my new T-Dub. I have owned my 2016 T-Dub for about 5 weeks now, I have put about 1700 miles on the bike. I have done all of the required maintenance...
  3. Help project bike wont run cleanly. Chinese carb and ignitech

    Technical Help
    Help please I'm tearing my hair out. I'm in the UK and bought a (US Import) project 91 Tw from the internet as a non runner last year. I knew the bike had bits missing + broken but when it was delivered it was also missing the CDI and the pilot jet mounting was broken on the carb body. I...