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  1. good place in canada to buy tw accessories like racks, bags, led head lamps and so on.

    General Discussion
    I've been watching the tdubskids videos and he has a lot of good accessory / mod ideas for moto camping. But all the amazon links are for the usa and they dont seem to be shipping to canada right now or if they do its more expensive than the parts. So just wondering where people in Canada are...
  2. Fabric Saddlebag / Pannier Deal

    General Discussion
    Check out this site for what I think is a great deal on nylon saddlebags / panniers. The model 220 each bag measures 14"x12"x5", which sells for $12, on clearance sale. I don't actually have one yet but did order a couple for myself. I thought they might make decent panniers when I first saw...
  3. Question: Saddle bags on TDUB

    Technical Help
    Hello all. A friend gave me a set of Nelson-rigg SPRT-40 saddle bags as a gift. It seams i cannot put them on my 2008 tw200 because they lack any structure on the tail. I have the tail rack and i think i will need to attach more steel to it in order to make it work. Does anyone...