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  1. Fabric Saddlebag / Pannier Deal

    General Discussion
    Check out this site for what I think is a great deal on nylon saddlebags / panniers. The model 220 each bag measures 14"x12"x5", which sells for $12, on clearance sale. I don't actually have one yet but did order a couple for myself. I thought they might make decent panniers when I first saw...
  2. Question: Saddle bags on TDUB

    Technical Help
    Hello all. A friend gave me a set of Nelson-rigg SPRT-40 saddle bags as a gift. It seams i cannot put them on my 2008 tw200 because they lack any structure on the tail. I have the tail rack and i think i will need to attach more steel to it in order to make it work. Does anyone...