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  1. 30 Day TW Custom Build

    Performance and Customization
    New to the forum, thanks everyone for having me. I enjoy TW’s too much. I love them for what they are and are not. I brought this 2004 home with 3,000 miles for $1,700 on Fri 3/16/2018. It was a little rough but I thought it would be fun to putt around the mountain town with. One thing turned...
  2. Seat Concepts TW200 Seat Kits Now Available in all 4 Styles

    TW200 Classifieds
    Back in hand I have every style of TW200 seat kit offered by Seat Concepts. The SC kits includes new high density foam and vinyl covers available in 4 "patterns" of black vinyl 1) Standard Black 2) Gripper top with carbon fiber sides 3) Embossed top with standard black sides 4) All carbon...
  3. New Seat Concepts TW200 Seat Kits all 4 Styles In Hand Ready to Mail

    TW200 Classifieds
    I have all 4 styles of Seat Concepts TW200 seat kits all brand new sealed in factory packaging I also have new OEM Yamaha TW200 seats complete and also new in the factory Yamaha box in case you want to do a full new custom build while keeping your original seat (in case you ever sell or swap...
  4. Seat Concepts give your rump a rest Labor Day deal

    TW200 Classifieds
    New Seat Concepts kit, foam and cover (must be installed on your seat pan) Gripper Top with Carbon Fiber sides and / or Embossed Top with Black Vinyl sides (aka "TWilight" special) pls PM me for price / postage - Forum members group buy special please keep prices confidential out of respect to...
  5. Seat Concepts - Comparison of the 4 Different Cover Options

    Performance and Customization
    I'm wanting to try a Seat Concepts pad & cover kit but I noticed they offer 4 different types of cover options. I've never seen "carbon" and was wondering what it looks like as well as the "gripper" or "embossed" top. Any pictures / opinions would be welcomed :) I found one pic but not sure...