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  1. Seat Warping

    General Discussion
    Has anyone else's stock seat taken on an odd shape? I've had my seat for about 6 years (bought used off E-bay, I believe it's the stock seat pan w/ custom brown leather) and it started looking a little funny in the past year or so. As if both ends of the seat are reaching for the sky. It might...
  2. Anyone have a tw seat to sell??

    Technical Help
    I have a project bike i been working on and i finally have it started but just need a seat now! does anyone have one for cheap? it would be much appreciated!
  3. Clue me in on the seat (Have been battling my KLR650 seating for a year)

    General Discussion
    So my KLR650 is a wonderful bike except for the seat. It throws your forward to the point that you are gender fluid. I just ran across a post about seat concepts tall seat for the TW and the guy says it evens out the forward throw when he sits on it. I pick up my bike tomorrow. Does the...
  4. New Seat Concepts TW200 Seat Kits all 4 Styles In Hand Ready to Mail

    TW200 Classifieds
    I have all 4 styles of Seat Concepts TW200 seat kits all brand new sealed in factory packaging I also have new OEM Yamaha TW200 seats complete and also new in the factory Yamaha box in case you want to do a full new custom build while keeping your original seat (in case you ever sell or swap...
  5. 2013 Seat cover and foam

    TW200 Classifieds
    I got a Seat Concepts seat cover and foam pod for my 2013 TW. They don't make the whole seat for the TW200; you remove the old cover and pad and install their cover and pad using the molded plastic seat base. Therefore, I no longer have any need for the original cover, which has 476 miles on...
  6. 1987 TW200 Parts for Sale

    TW200 Classifieds
    Here is whats left of my 1987 TW200, make a reasonable offer for what you need...
  7. Seat Bolt Thread Stripped

    Technical Help
    Ok first I would like to say its good to back here. Was on the original forums around 2008 and missed the move...needless to say I have no idea what my user name was back then so I am back starting fresh. SO my question is how should I go about fixing my seat to the frame since the plastic...