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  1. Technical Help
    Hey guys, happy Friday. Went down on an icy road yesterday and afterwards I noticed all 4 of my indicator lights began flickering and would go out completely, intermittently. Today I started it up and my front 2 are now functional, but slightly dimmer than usual. The back 2 are out completely...
  2. TW200 Classifieds
    My left rear turn signal orange cover was hanging on for life last month with a ziptie. It must have fallen off after jumping my TW. So i've been using a temporary fix known as an orange bag around the turn signal stem. So far i haven't been pulled over. Would anyone care to send me some turn...
  3. Technical Help
    I recently had my left rear blinker drown in a puddle while dual sporting. I found a loose connection on the right panel (white tab) and reconnected it, checked fuses, wiggled cables there and under rear fender. Still the left rear blinker is not working. The housing was cracked and the bulb was...
1-3 of 3 Results