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  1. 47 tooth rear sprocket.

    Performance and Customization
    I changed the stock 50t sprocket to a 47t. Makes first gear a lot more usable. There is a definite decrease in torque and you get about 500RPM less at 90km/h in 5th gear. I didn't change the chain to a 120link instead of a 122link, like recommended. The 122link chain still works but your cam...
  2. Align sprockets

    Technical Help
    I took my TW200 in for servicing, and afterwards it wouldn't roll in neutral very well. It rolled much better before. I'm assuming they did something with the chain and tightened things so that the sprockets weren't aligned. I greased up the chain pretty good but that didn't seem to help...
  3. 5th Gear Question

    Technical Help
    Hi guys, I'm new to the TW world (and motorcycles in general), but I bought a 2018 TW200 about a month or two ago and decided to put a 45 sprocket on the back. I mainly ride on country roads so I thought that this would work better for me. While it is awesome between 1st and 4th ( I can get up...
  4. 12/52 sprockets

    Performance and Customization
    I just bought by first TW200 last week. The front sprocket is 12 teeth and rear is 52. I have the stock 14/50. I have read a lot of people like the 52 but I don't know what a front 12 is doing. I both ride to work and trails (hence the dual sport) at 50 miles per hour the TW is screaming loud. I...
  5. Largest rear sprocket?

    Performance and Customization
    Hi. I am new to the forum and to the bike. First, I thank and congratulate everyone. This is a great community!!!! I am glad to join!!! Just received a brand new 2013 one, but I can tell I would like a slower first gear for difficult trails (only 5% of my riding). I wonder what is the...
  6. Seperate cover for front sprocket?

    Technical Help
    Is there a kit available that comes with 1 cover for the stator and 1 cover for the front sprocket like on the XT250? I don't want to have to take out all the bolts on the stator cover again to get to the front sprocket