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  1. Technical Help
    Hey everyone, Just bought a 2007 T-Dub, to replace my 125cc scooter as my daily commuter. I live in Chicago and most of my riding will be around the in/around the city, in stop-and-go traffic, and some highway. I'm wondering what sprockets are ideal for this type of riding. It would be nice to...
  2. Technical Help
    hey guys i'm new here and i just bought my 1996 TW200, i just changed the oil a week ago, how often is recommended to change? Also What Sprocket sizes do you use for Wheelies, trails, and daily riding. how does it affect to way the bike is riding and the power it produces? these topics are...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello TW Forum! It has been a while since I have posed on this site. I just completed a cross-country move from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA--and it is riding season here! But, before I can hit the streets, I need some urgent maintenance work to be done on my bike. While its urgent, it...
1-3 of 3 Results