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  1. Technical Help
    Just picked up a used 2012 TW200 for $2,250 and was told everything was perfect. Got it home and after warmup I noticed that the bike would stall or mis when moving the throttle just above idle while driving down the road. Full throttle and response seems normal, just the slight twist in...
  2. Technical Help
    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to start by saying I absolutely love my 87. I bought it a few months ago in July and put about a thousand miles on it through August but started to have problems with it. The symptoms are as follows: 1. Battery is dead but I could kick start but it was very hard...
  3. Technical Help
    Hi. Just got a TW200 second hand, 2008 model, 14'000 km. Bike was standling for longer period. After full service the engine idels perfect and drives perfect in lower speed. As soon I go in higher gears and more speed the engine stops randomly. Battery is still a bit flat. Need to kick start it...
1-3 of 3 Results