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  1. Starting problem, possible bad CDI

    Technical Help
    Hi all. This is my first post on this forum. I've had a 2005 TW200 for a few years now and it's been a pleasure to ride. It was running fine until recently. I took it in to a local mechanic who pulled the carb apart and replaced bad O rings and it ran fine for a few months. It started...
  2. 89 TW, kickstart needed first start of day, then electric starter works.

    Technical Help
    Hi All Been a while, and still tinkering. Just recently in Ozzie Winter (down to maybe 5deg C in mornings, about 15deg C mid day). My TW doesn't start with the electric starter first try of the day (can be morning or afternoon). So I kickstart no problems. After going for a ride, the electric...
  3. Electrical Gremlin

    Technical Help
    POST SOLUTION EDIT: This was a faulty battery issue! A new battery solved all of these weird issues and crazy glitches! My advice is that if you have some electrical issues that start spontaneously and seem to have no logic behind them do yourself a HUGE favour and take your battery to get...
  4. New bike. Wont Start.

    Technical Help
    Hello forum. Just got my first motorcycle, a 2009 TW200 with 400 miles. Bought it a couple weeks ago. Ran great, took it out that day for a couple hours. Ran great when I turned it off. It has been two weeks since I ran it and now it won't start. It doesn't even think about starting. It has a...