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  1. Starter Problems

    Technical Help
    Hi All, My TW has been making a clicking noise when I try and Electric start it. The battery is fully charged, the starter solenoid is new, my starter is about 6 months old. When i put a scew driver to the starter solenoid to see if it would start that way nothing happened. Does this mean I...
  2. Help needed troubleshoot starter issues

    Technical Help
    Hallo fellow tdub fans, :cool: I have a noisy starter (1996 model), making a terrible grinding sound when I crank the engine. After reading a few threads on our forum it could be one (or more) of the following: 1. Poor grounding, 2. Tired battery, 3. Faulty wiring, 4. Starter clutch, 5. Starter...
  3. Starter and Wiring harness problems Need Help.

    Technical Help
    Hey guys I just bought a 1993 tw200 and I am having problems somewhere in my harness I beleive. To begin with the battery is good. The harness is kind of in rough condition and I think I might have a short somewhere. I turn the key switch on and then hit the starter button and nothing happens...