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  1. 87 TW won’t start

    Technical Help
    Hey guys I’m new to this forum and I just traded a beat up Ford Ranger for a beat up 87 tw200. The guy I got it from said he was riding it about 30 miles everyday to work and it ran great (of course), but one day he was riding it in the rain and it just sputtered out and hasn’t started since...
  2. Cannot start motorcycle,

    Technical Help
    I got my TW200 second hand two years ago,( year of manufacture 2000.) Since then I had No problem starting, it always started the first time until two weeks ago due to heavy rain and mud did topple to the right side , after straighten it started fine moment later I stopped her put the...
  3. Need help starting my TW200

    Technical Help
    I have a 2005 TW200 (I bought new) that hasn't been run for about 4 or 5 months. I can get it to run only with the choke wide open. After it starts wide open and I slowly close the choke, about halfway in it stops. I have taken the 2-year old carb apart and cleaned and blown out everything...
  4. weird starting issue/ part going bad?

    Technical Help
    So i had a starting issue with my tw today that i cant figure out. It started perfect all day even after riding leo palace here in guam even after crashing a couple times. Then when i got off the trail onto pavement going down a hill it started to putt, comparable to the sound it would make...