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  1. Looking for a stock exhaust

    TW200 Classifieds
    Just wondering if anyone has a spare stock exhaust they would be willing to sell? My bike came with a DG exhaust on it and the noise gets so freaking annoying after like 50 miles. Figure going back to stock probably is going to be my best bet to quiet it.
  2. Hi from Australia. Front brake and brake light

    Technical Help
    Hi all, I just found your forum after purchasing my first motorbike and it being a TW200 1990 (pretty much stock I think). I was wondering does this model's front brake lever (stock) trigger the brake light? Or do I have to buy something? mod something? Any tips would be great. Would like to...
  3. Invest in Yamaha Motor stock market?

    I'm wondering if anyone here has ever invested towards Yamaha Motor on the stock market? Yeah, I know you can lose money on the stock market. Also interested in Roth IRAs. Not even sure if I will reach retirement age as I tend to end up in life threatening situations riding offroad. I'd like to...