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  1. Thailand in 2 days.

    Hey Guys, so I have seen recently people have visited Thailand, and I know that we have a foum member or two from there as well. I may be going for work next week, so not a huge amount of free time, for about a week, including a weekend in Bangkok which *should* allow me to roam a little. Any...
  2. Think I spotted DarylKemp's Tdub over the border (Mozambique)?

    General Discussion
    Was heading up from "Come to See" over to Ponta Malongane and I spied a little TW in a "garage" with an old Landy? Unfortunately I was in a car with mates, so I couldn't stop and didn't manage to get a photo. Didn't spot it again. My first time over in Ponta and I think I definitely need to go...