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turn signal
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  1. Technical Help
    Hello All, This is my first post! I got my tw in February and have been tinkering, swapping and just generally bastardizing my tw since I got her. I've been searching the boards and am really grateful to you all for posting your knowledge. You've gotten me unstuck quite a few times. Thank you...
  2. Technical Help
    Hey guys, happy Friday. Went down on an icy road yesterday and afterwards I noticed all 4 of my indicator lights began flickering and would go out completely, intermittently. Today I started it up and my front 2 are now functional, but slightly dimmer than usual. The back 2 are out completely...
  3. Technical Help
    So I replaced my turn signals with LED lights(all four) also I replaced the flasher relay(FE246BH) with one made for LED's from But the turn signals do not blink. Also the turn indicator on the instrument cluster does not light up. What am I missing from the...
  4. TW200 Classifieds
    Im looking for a Turn Signal Switch for my 09 Tdub. I put her down in the sand and I think sand got lodged inside it and bent something. It still functions but in order to turn it off i have to barely push the oposite direction (which can get kind of dangerous, looking down after the turn). Any...
1-4 of 4 Results