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  1. Technical Help
    Hello! I have been riding the tw125 for a month now, I've been thinking about putting a kickstarter on it. I heard you can put a tw200 kickstart kit on it and it should work fine. Does anyone have any experience with that sort of process? Would that work? If so, does anyone have suggestions on...
  2. TW200 Classifieds
    Nightmare! Sent barrel and head off for re bore as burning oil because of worn rings and bore.. Just been told the head is knackered around when cam fits and either needs re maching and custom bush made or new head. Anyone got one laying around in UK?
  3. General Discussion
    Hi guys, Gav from the UK here. I've been a big car guy for the past 15 years but because of a shoulder injury it's got increasingly hard to work on them so I've been looking at getting a bike to fill the void, preferably a TW, but I have ALOT of questions about them before I jump in. I have a...
  4. Performance and Customization
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a rack from manracks but I don't know for sure if it will fitt on my 1999 TW 125. Does anyone have experience with fitting them on a 125? Is there a lot of difference between the frames of a 125 and a 200? Thanks in advance Goat_rider4
  5. Performance and Customization
    Hello All! Firstly I want to send you greetings from Latvia! I am a new member in this community who few weeks ago purchased my first bike - it is a Yamaha TW 125, manufactured in 2000. This model is not very popular in my country but this is the bike what I have looked for :) Here will be...
  6. Performance and Customization
    Hi all I'm new to owning a tw and like a true engineer I stripped and rebuilt it, I've hollow mod'd the bike and used a short exhaust tucked in by the rear suspension, I'm looking to upgrade the engine to a 200 but I'm in the uk and the blocks are like hens teeth. I was contemplating importing a...
  7. Other Bikes
    Hello chaps, I currently own a 2002 TW 125 (UK) and I love it! I have seen a fair few comments around with people asking if they can get there 125 TW to go faster, If I am honest I don't care for speed at all. As I'm sure anyone from the UK who's reading this is aware you can easily get on the...
  8. Technical Help
    Hi Looking to buy a TW125, 2004 model with 30k on the clock. Has MOT and Tax but seller has said that it wont start as no spark. Will be my first bike and hoping to some minor modifications to suit dual purpose. Claiming to have been advised by a bike shop near them that all it needs is a new...
  9. Performance and Customization
    Hi! I recently decided that I should modify my bike, to get better performance out of it. Right now I get about 95km/h of speed, but I'd like to go up to 110km/h, at least. I've heard some things about a needle shim mod , and I'm wondering if this could be done for the TW125? I'd also like to...
  10. Performance and Customization
    Relatively new to this forum, but wanted to share a build I have been doing on a TW I picked up on Ebay. Was a rusty mess when I picked up but 6 months later it is starting to take shape. Its my first steps into motorcycle world, and has been a lot of trial and error, still lots to learn so any...
1-10 of 10 Results