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  1. New Bike Day

    General Discussion
    Hey Everyone, Just picked up a Modified 2009 TW200. Super stoked on this new bike. Already done a little bit of modifications to bring it back to life after the previous owner took a spill on it and decided she didn't want it anymore. Anyone got any suggestions for other mods? My only problem...
  2. Looking for TW info before buying

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, Gav from the UK here. I've been a big car guy for the past 15 years but because of a shoulder injury it's got increasingly hard to work on them so I've been looking at getting a bike to fill the void, preferably a TW, but I have ALOT of questions about them before I jump in. I have a...
  3. Anyone have a tw seat to sell??

    Technical Help
    I have a project bike i been working on and i finally have it started but just need a seat now! does anyone have one for cheap? it would be much appreciated!
  4. Looking for the right ride

    General Discussion
    Howdy y’all. I’ve been looking at the tw200 a lot lately and I’m pretty much sold on it but before purchasing one I just want a little insight from actual riders. I just want a bike that can get me to and from work, which is at a farm, it’s only a 5 mile road to work and I want to be able to...
  5. Yamaha Tw200 Clutch

    Technical Help
    I have a 2016 Yamaha TW200. I bought it used and had to replace the top end. Unfortunately the clutch is burnt out as well. I am finding 'clutch kits' but they are all for the 2009 and older. Does anyone have a link for a clutch kit that will fit the 2016 TW?
  6. Yamaha TW200

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2016 Yamaha TW200. Unfortunately the motor needs to be completely rebuilt due to the previous owner. I found a 1993 TW200 motor online and would rather do a swap then rebuild the motor. I am worried about the current CDI on the bike. Are all the CDI's compatible with these...
  7. Help! I really need some starter relay photos to compare!

    Technical Help
    I really need some help here, i bought this bike in much worse condition than it is now but im trying to learn how the wires go to this relay, i have a wiring diagram and have some idea where wires go but id really like to see how a normal running tw200 wiring to its relay looks like so i can...
  8. 2018 TW200 For Sale

    TW200 Classifieds
    2018 TW200 CA compliant bought new in April 2018 from Roseville Yamaha. Purchased to ride around local foothills looking for gold but that never happened, the bike has never been driven off road and has never been dropped. Upgrades include Tusk Hand Guards, a Richochet Skid Plate, a Procycle...
  9. Power Loss With lights on

    Technical Help
    Hi guys, im having a bit of trouble with my 87 TW. With the lights on, the engine misfires at high revs and has really low power (max speed 60kmh), but if i turn the lights out the thing turns in to a Beast and has loads of power. Currently when i have the lights on on idle, the lights are...
  10. TW200 For Sale 2016 in Maryland only 553 miles $3200

    TW200 Classifieds
    Hello This TW200 been so reliable and fun. The reality is that I don't use it much since my knee went bad and my office moved further into the city - making the commute ugly. This TW200 never fulfilled its destiny and needs someone else to help it do that. I've made some upgrades: a...
  11. xt225 top end on a tw200 bottom end?

    Technical Help
    hello, im new here. i just wanted to see if, or if anyone knows if it can be possible to put a xt225 top end on a tw bottom end. most people want the 6th gear but i just would like a little more power. thanks
  12. Looking for TW Engine!

    General Discussion
    Hey all, First time poster here. I have a 1989 TDub that the motor is seized up. Anyone have any leads on a replacement motor? Tried Ebay, nothing really standing out. Thanks!
  13. Is the TW good for me?

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone, Excited to be posting for the first time, have been following this forum for the past two years. Took my MSF class and passed two years ago and due to work and "relationship" challenges, was not considering or could even afford a bike until now. I've been a fan of the TW's...
  14. 1989 TW 200 FOR SALE - Alaska

    TW200 Classifieds Has a bottom end gear knock that started last summer. I brought it to Darby's in Fairbanks and they were thinking a bent gear shaft and they said it could also use a new clutch. I don't have the time or the garage to fix it myself. It has a...
  15. Awesome 1994 for Sale in Sacramento

    TW200 Classifieds
    Just bought it at the end of March 2017 with 1900 miles on it. Garaged and maintained it's whole life so the plastics and body are great. Also Just bought new tires: Bridgestone stock on rear and Shinko on the front. 0 miles on tires. This is a great bike but I am a new rider and have...
  16. New Ricochet Skid Plates & Factory Yamaha TW200 Soft Cover Service Manuals

    TW200 Classifieds
    New Ricochet Skid Plates, Factory Yamaha Service Manual, DMO Pegs, Rear OEM Rack Etc TW Stuff Update 12-28-17 I have one remaining New MSR / Ricochet Skid Plate in standard aluminum for $89 total delivered in the USA all 50 States I also have a gently used low mile MSR / Ricochet skid plate...
  17. Looking for the tube that connects the airbox to the carb

    TW200 Classifieds
    Hi I'm new here. I bought a 2006 TW200 that needs a little work but overall is in good shape with 5000 miles on the clock. It's surprising to see that parts for a fairly popular bike are so hard to come by. I need the hose that connects the airbox to the carburetor. Nothing on Amazon nor Ebay...
  18. First TW200

    General Discussion
    I just got my motorcycle permit and decided to go with a TW200 as my first street legal bike. It is an '87, 2,300 miles, I paid $1500 for it. I've had it for a few months, but just now got it plated last week. I added a new fender, DG slip on exhaust, and some cheap hand guards. I'm loving this...
  19. 16yr/old daughter's first dual-sport ride....

    TW200 Pictures / Videos
    Out for an exploration ride this past Friday, and couldn't resist crossing this creek.
  20. Intro: My TW200 Moto Gal (SW Ohio)

    General Discussion
    I don't own a TW200, but my daughter does. She got her temporary motorcycle permit 6-months ago at age 15-1/2 (legal age in Ohio), the same time she got her driver's permit. She spent the next few months on the road, riding my Honda Elite 250. It was not that cool and she wanted something else...