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  1. Technical Help
    Hi! I've been reading through the forum for awhile have found a lot of great advice here, but I'm finally posting as I am have trouble finding any reference for what I'm dealing with both on the forum and in the service manual. Hopefully someone can help get me going in the right direction.. I...
  2. Technical Help
    I followed tdubskid video on valve adjustment..but it didn't end well. First problem I had when adjusting the intake. I tried tightening it back up, my torque was set correctly but it stripped the tippet, just deformed the threads. I was able to get a new one and replace it. I had it adjusted...
  3. Technical Help
    Fail: Did my 1st valve adjustment. Had a mechanic do it last time. Both valves were out of spec by a little bit. Intake valve clearance was almost .001 so i backed it off to .003 like the specs said. I backed the exhuast valve to .005. Made sure the valves stayed put when wrenching the locking...
1-3 of 3 Results