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  1. Technical Help
    So this all started about midway through a week long trip to camp. I first started noticing it in the woods if I was going real slow and went to roll on the throttle or when I was taking off from a stop, id have a very noticeable stumble in low rpms where the throttle would flatten off and...
  2. Technical Help
    First post-- Thanks for letting me join--I've got an 87 and it started running rough so I took it to the shop. The intake valve has sunk and the retainer is cracked in about 6 or seven places. The mechanic said if we just do a valve job it will do the same thing because the valve guide had...
  3. Technical Help
    What happens when you don't adjust your valves? It seems with the newer models the intake valve goes pretty quickly when riding a very short distance at 50/60 mph, note the center of the valve stem is blown out. This occurred on a 300 mile trip on the way back, valves sounded fine at the start...
  4. Technical Help
    Fail: Did my 1st valve adjustment. Had a mechanic do it last time. Both valves were out of spec by a little bit. Intake valve clearance was almost .001 so i backed it off to .003 like the specs said. I backed the exhuast valve to .005. Made sure the valves stayed put when wrenching the locking...
1-4 of 4 Results