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  1. Water fording ability

    General Discussion
    Can anybody share experiences with fording water? Creek crossing ect. Also I have seen air box mods. Can anybody share how the mods have affected the water depth fording ability?
  2. Wet and dead.

    Technical Help
    Went for a crazy ride up a mountian then out on the beach near the ocean. After i went through the river I stopped to tighten my chain. To my suprise it would not turn off with the kill switch or the ignition. Scared to turn it off that far from home I drove home and it still would not die. I...
  3. FAQ: Fabric Coatings vs Laminates (VIDEO)

    Other Bikes
    I recently had to re-apply DWR to my textile jacket. This DWR stuff smells! I tested some water drops on the jacket and they roll off easily now. Might pour some more water on to see if the stench goes away. At least the jacket will keep me dry again.