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  1. The CornShield Has Arrived

    Performance and Customization
    OK you guys, after the videos that zdriver1 posted (Click Here) I was all pumped up to make a version of the Windscreen for the T-Dub. Everything went according to plan and within less than 3 hours I was finished with my project, the windscreen is still in an experimental phase and it is made of...
  2. Windshields: Are they worth it?

    Performance and Customization
    I just got a TW200 3 weeks ago. I havent driven at very high speeds yet, 45 mph is the highest Ive taken it. But even at that speed the wind was pretty bad. Do windshields make much of a difference. And is there a reason to get a tinted one?
  3. How are you preparing for winter rides?

    General Discussion
    What are your opinions on TW Windscreens. Short ones, tall ones, TW specific or generic. What is your favorite? Is anyone using TCI Products Adventure Touring Wind Screen - Yamaha TW200 87-up? Cold weather is coming, boo hoo!