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  1. TW 200 Motor

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a TW200 16 with a busted top and bottom end. Was looking at buying new parts and rebuilding the engine but the cost does not make sense. I am now considering an engine swap. I am looking to buy a 2001-2019 motor for a Yamaha TW200. Please let me know if you know anyone that is...
  2. Yamaha TW200

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2016 Yamaha TW200. Unfortunately the motor needs to be completely rebuilt due to the previous owner. I found a 1993 TW200 motor online and would rather do a swap then rebuild the motor. I am worried about the current CDI on the bike. Are all the CDI's compatible with these...
  3. Modify stock mirrors on a TW to make them more low-pro?

    Performance and Customization
    Im new here so not sure if this has come up before but... i just bought a brand new 2013 TW and one of the first things I want to modify is the mirrors. As im looking for new low profile mirrors i cant find anything I like. I thought about cutting down the stock mirrors and running a die over...
  4. First service at last!

    General Discussion
    Just hit 1000kms this last week, and got the Dub in to the dealership for the first service. Couldn't go to the same dealer that I purchased her from because they've shut their doors (Actually sold up to a South African chain and are now predominantly selling MV Augustas and a bunch of...
  5. TW200 base gasket replace o-ring fell inside

    General Discussion
    First off I just want to say my 2007 tw200 was bought new by me and has 6,000 miles on it. The base gasket has been leaking since ~4,000 miles. It makes my blood boil to think I'm doing this work after I paid over$4,000 on a motorcycle which has been in production for many many years. I would...