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Well I decided to cease my pursuit of my project bike. Just couldn't get her running properly. I stripped everything off that I had put on, so I'm parting ways with my parts. I'd prefer to sell locally first, but can ship at buyer's expense. I'll have to look up pricing on each but I thought i'd float out there what I have.

  • Full wiring harness (the head and tail light ends need connectors but everything else is mint).
  • Switches - kickstand, clutch, brake (hand and foot both brand new), right hand kill/start
  • Starter relay and wiring (to starter and to battery)
  • Relays for turn signals
  • CDI
  • Battery/Airbox possibly minus the side cover as I'm going to try to return it to the dealer.
  • Hardware - bolts, tons of bolts
  • TW125 round headlight - I don't really want to part with it, but for the right price I will consider it.
  • Carb boot and airbox boot (new)

As i'm going to grab another TW I had thought of hanging on to some parts, but I'm currently chasing a 2017 so I shouldn't need anything for a while!

I'm located in Barrie, I drive to Aurora for work daily.
PM me and I can send you pics of whatever you're after and figure out how much.

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CDI 5LB-85540-01-00

Ignition 5LB-82501-01-00
Helmet hanger 26H-21308-01-00
Fuel cap 51K-24602-01-00

Starter Relay 5EK-81940-02-00
Wire 5LB-82115-00-00

Brake foot switch 5VC-82530-00-00

Side stand switch 3LD-82566-60-00

Flasher relay 4MY-83350-01-00

Relay 29U-81950-93-00

Ground Wire 5EK-82116-02-00

Handle brake switch 2UJ-83980-00-00

Clutch Switch 4GY-82917-01-00

Clutch perch 1LN-82911-00-00 + 33G-82913-01-00

Starter/kill switch 5LB-83975-01-00

Wiring Harness 5FY-82590-10-00

Fuel tank mounts 30X-24182-01-00, 30X-24183-01-00, 30X-24186-01-00, 30X-24187-00-00

Fuel tank damper 4L0-24181-00-00

Airbox relay mount 5EK-2177A-00-00

Airbox case 2JX-14411-02-00
Airbox side 2JX-14412-00-00
Airbox duct 2JL-14437-00-00

Airbox duct to carb 5LB-14453-10-00

Carb boot 5LB-13586-02-00

TW125 round headlight
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