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'05 parts for sale

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OK as promised yesterday I've got photos of items that I have for sale.

They came from an '05 with 2143 miles when they were removed. Now I am a little more educated about photobucket so I'll write a brief description for each photo/item. The first 2 items were rendered useless once I mounted the rear rack and relocated the tail light.

Send me an email if your interested. Be patient, I don't always get to my e-mail on a daily basis.

Here goes:

Rear subframe, good paint, not bent

Rear fender, good shape, not cracked, perhaps it has a few scratches.

Ignition lock, helmet lock along with 2, count 'em 2 keys.

OK, my computer tells me that I tried to include too many photos. I'll try and make it by several different posts. I don’t know, are you only allowed so many photos per day?

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Any update on these parts?

I never heard back... I had sent a PM a while back about getting the speedo and front turn signals. I didn't see an email to reply to, as per requested.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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