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'05 parts for sale

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OK as promised yesterday I've got photos of items that I have for sale.

They came from an '05 with 2143 miles when they were removed. Now I am a little more educated about photobucket so I'll write a brief description for each photo/item. The first 2 items were rendered useless once I mounted the rear rack and relocated the tail light.

Send me an email if your interested. Be patient, I don't always get to my e-mail on a daily basis.

Here goes:

Rear subframe, good paint, not bent

Rear fender, good shape, not cracked, perhaps it has a few scratches.

Ignition lock, helmet lock along with 2, count 'em 2 keys.

OK, my computer tells me that I tried to include too many photos. I'll try and make it by several different posts. I don’t know, are you only allowed so many photos per day?

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OK let me try to send more photos:

Speedometer bracket, with idiot lights and wiring. Please note the repairs I've done on the bracket. I believe I must have somehow broken it after I removed the speedometer. I've checked and the speedometer fits in the bracket w/out any problems. I'll also throw in the rubber damper that fits between the bracket and the speedometer.

Front cowling, black, good decals, top surface is scratched.

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[quote name='Doogle' date='31 August 2012 - 07:10 PM' timestamp='1346458207' post='54548']

OK let me try to send more photos:

Headlight Stay, strange name yes? Complete with good rubber grommets. Good paint, like new but cheaper.

Air snorkel, the one that is located under the seat. Recall the holes drilled in my air box? Removal of this also aids in getting more air to the carb.

I will throw in the carb adjustment cable/assembly shown adjacent to the air snorkel. Yes, free. But you gotta buy something. I ain't shipping it for nothing!

Speedometer w/ trip odometer and drive cable. Please note that there are no interior lights that come with this item. In one of the photos, you can observe the holes in the back of the speedometer. Also, I must add, in one of the close-up photos, the speedometer appears damaged. Not so, blame the dust and dirt on my poor housekeeping. If you recall the photos of my bike you'll see that I don't ride a garage queen. Ride 'em hard and put them away wet. (and dirty) Still, I should have done a better job on something I'm offering for sale.

That is it, thanks for your interest. My zipcode is 03740 to help you calculate the shipping costs.<br style="mso-special-character:line-break"> <br style="mso-special-character:line-break">
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Is your front cowl still available? How much? Any cracks or holes?


Still available, no cracks, holes or structural damage. It is only scratched and the scratches are shown in the photos.

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