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07 New to me Bike

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Hello everyone.

I'm very excited to report that I just bought my first TW200 (2007) a few days ago. Pretty much bone stock, other than the PO replaced battery.

I'm pretty familiar with 2-strokes. I'm learning all I can about air cooled 4 strokes.

The intake track still has the rubber snorkel above the air-box under the seat. Air filter looks good and moist with filter oil.

Exhaust is stock. Baffle has never been out.

Bike responded very sluggishly when the throttle was rolled on. I could even stall it from idle with a quick throttle twist, on the stand.

I found the following jetting:

128M 31P

After I removed the plug, I found the fuel screw (FS) was 0 turns out (all the way in)!?!?

I opened the FS to 2 turns and added about 1mm of needle shims. Bike responds MUCH better to twisting the throttle now.

What is the typical jetting for 400 Ft, woods and trial use? What about the Fuel Screw?

I have not yet taken the stock pipe off. Does anyone know if there is a "reducer" or "restrictor" in the header portion of the pipe?

Is is beneficial to open up the flow into the air box?

I want to keep it as quiet as I can, and most after market exhausts seem to make it even louder. Coming off my 2-strokes, this bike is really loud. (90 db constant at 35 mph in 5th).

Please be kind to a first time poster and a first time air-cooled 4-stroke owner!

Thanks in advance.
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If I were you I would take the carb apart and clean it. Take the airbox out and clean that too. New filter,new oil and new spark plug,lube up chain and cables. Begin on your terms. Repacking the muffler is exactly like repacking 2 stroke muffler. Pop the rivet off and repack. Then rivet back on. If your looking for significant horsepower gain then thing again. This bike is a slow steady work horse made to climb trails not a speed performance bike.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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