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I bought this bike about 2 weeks ago, The bike only having 260 miles on it. So yeah, I've been riding a little bit. This is my very first bike, and I'm in love with it. So here is my take as a regular commuter after about 1,000 miles of riding. (Picture of the odo was taken a couple days ago, so I have actually put 1,000 on it myself now)

What I use my TDub for: Everything. I own a truck, and it needs some TLC, so I've been living on my bike for these last two weeks. I have mainly been riding around town carrying a backpack and taking long highway joy rides. (50-70 mph) I have also taken it to trails and even an old coal mine.

On The Road: Great Bike for commuting, in town more so than highway. The bike has a lot of pep, it's no speed demon, but it gets around city streets better than any car/truck I've commuted in. Highway riding isn't terrible, and I do know there are some mods / adjustments to make it more comfortable. But highway speed are not what this bike is built for.

In the Dirt: I've had some of the most fun in my life on this bike, off the road. We don't have much for mountains and canyons in Iowa, but farm trails and coal mines are a blast to rip through on this bike. Now I don't treat it like a full bred dirt bike, but it can keep up with a 125 on a rough track setting. I have laid the bike over once.

The Layover: Going up a very steep hill at the coal mine I visited, I slowed my pace too much and tried to do a quick U-turn to retreat down the hill. It didn't work. Sop, I turned the bars, hit the brakes, and jumped off. I slid a little but the bike stayed put on the hill. Nothing was damaged, just a little dirty. I was very proud to bike up the bike, re-mount and ride away just fine.

This is just a real quick review of my first 1,000 miles, so here are a few pictures to look at.




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Glad to hear you’re having fun

If you want to have even more fun, get rid of that stock front tire (before it tries to kill you)

In answer to your next question – Shinko 241 ;)
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