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Amen Littletommy. Amen.

NO. Unless he's Evel Knievel or some other stunter then he simple needs to lay it down. No pun intended. LOL

I crack myself up at times.

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Hey, who's counting?
And what counts as a "crash" anyway?

In 59 years riding & racing, I've expected an occasional "crash"...and I've not been "disappointed"!
I've been to the ER probably a dozen times. Stayed "over-night" only once...for 15 days.
Total broken bones...19. 13 in the "bad" crash I'll tell you about. Includes 4 in skydiving. Plus quite a bit of "gravel rash".
In my teens & 20s my belief was that if you don't crash once in a while, you're not having enough fun, all "part of the game". The crashes were *never* fun but what led up to them usually was. I've been w-a-y past that attitude for a really l-o-n-g time!

Alcohol only involved in one. Gravel rash. I was young, drunk & stupid...and learned to not try wheelies going around a street corner on a hair-trigger 350 2-stroke twin!
2 other minor wheelie crashes, both in one session...ripped both back pockets off a new pair of jeans, rashed my left butt-cheek. I've never been worth a shit at wheelies!
The only times a crash ever involved "showing off" were the 3 wheelies.

I've spent a fair amount of time & effort learning how "not" to schools, track days, MSF classes (basic class once, experienced class 4 times, I like to take it now every 2-4 years or so). In the last one I learned a crash avoidance maneuver that literally saved my life. "What to do when you get into a corner way too fast and a crash is imminent." The 60MPH (10 too fast) corner with narrow lanes, Armco barrier, 100ft. drop into boulders & multi-cacti and a near certain deadly low-side into Armco or a high-side over it, were a powerful motivator to instantly recall and successfully perform the class lesson.

When I had that last one, the big one, my last crash had been 25 years previous. The big one I ran straight off a curved mountain road in S. Carolina on my BMW R1150, and crashed into a long, huge boulder on a mountain side. Speed, inattention or poor riding were not factors...just some kind of instantaneous, momentary black out. I broke my upper & lower right arm, my right scapula (shoulder blade) and 10 ribs, front-rear-left-right. I don't recommend 10 broken ribs! The cause of the black-out remains unknown. 4 types of specialist docs performed every test I'd ever heard of and more. Nothing definitive...probably a TIA, basically a (wham-bam-thank you-ma'am!) mini-stroke. Nothing I could have done.
Nothing for me to do differently to avoid the possible next one, or maybe full, big-boy stroke. But no significantly greater probability of that than before the TIA.

Some interesting things:
I lost 10-15 points of IQ in the crash, now moving back, closer to normal. Probably won't go all the way back.
The impact was on my right temple (thank you Arai for saving my life!) The resulting "mild traumatic brain injury - "TMJ" was in the right, front brain and my "left brain/right brain" functions mainly switched sides! The shrink says I won't notice any difference and they will likely switch back.
I'm left with mild, "come & go" balance problems, dropping a few words in talking, short term memory not so hot.
The injuries also included 2 punctured lungs, & mild abrasions on kidney & spleen.
I have 2 plates in right arm, one in scapula. They are made of Titanium and would make great TW parts!
On the long air-ambulance ride to the excellent trauma hospital, they "lost me" twice and had to (I assume) paddle me back to this world. My lungs were filling with blood.
A number of medicos told me I should have died and can't explain why I didn't.
If you know any EMTs, buy them a Coke for me!
All 4 of my docs told me to go back to riding if I wanted to...I just smiled. I would have anyway, but this gave me something great to tell my wife!

I have to admit that my age (73) I'm slowing down a bit...and that's one of the main reasons I got the TW200. No choice but to slow down! But, the R1150R is silently, patiently waiting in the shop...waiting...waiting...

So, my advice to all you pups and old dogs alike: Try not to crash, but...
You will and when you do, enjoy it all you can!
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