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Last Spring I found a used Segway on Craigslist here in Boise. I have had an interest in them since they came out. It had a bunch of acc. with it and I got it for a very reasonable price. It didn't take to much to learn to use it.

I found out that I could use it on the local Greenbelt because I have a bum knee. It is about five miles in any direction from where I live in Boise to the edge of town and this machine has about a 12/13 mile range on a full charge. It is said that it takes less than $.05/ mile to recharge it. I can cruise at about 12 mph.

I actually run most of my errands and do my shopping with it. I have two saddle bags on it and can haul most any size object I get at the grocery store. The saddle bags will even hold a gallon of milk. My little dog Scamper even enjoys riding in the saddle bag with just his head sticking out. For one three week period this summer I never took my car out of the garage.

This is a really cool machine and is about as green as one can get for a motorized vehicle. It is just a hoot to glide around on.
Happy Trails All

Ron in Boise
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