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Someone managed to involve motorbikes in a dispute with the EU about "Meats and Meat Products". The list features plenty of foodstuffs but at the very end, just past agricultural hair trimmers, has small and medium displacement two-wheelers. I wonder who put that there and what the motive is?

Not really much of a boon for US manufacturers; we aren't making many (if any) bikes in this size. Seems likely that other brands will raise their prices to take advantage of the artificial distortion caused by the tariff. Quality bikes will get more expensive. Cheap Chinese scooter junk will have less competition. The loser will be the American consumer, who will enjoy higher prices and/or less selection among the sub 500cc cohort. Ultimately could lead to a few less new riders taking up the hobby :(

I guess the used market would face some upward price pressures as well. Someone with a stockpile of small bikes would be positioned to take advantage of any price inflation (looking at you, PL :p )

Office of United States Trade Representative Wants To Add 100% Tariff To 51-500cc EU-Manufactured Bikes

The article offers links to the US Trade Rep. I put in my own 2cts and it appears plenty of AMA folks are posting a form letter. Regardless of your general feelings on tariffs and protectionism, I encourage you to protect our special interest group in this specific situation.
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