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$15.00 rear rack

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Well I was going to buy the Happy Trail rack but my wife reminded me that I have to work on my 1968 Volvo 122S
. I like to look around and find cheap ways of doing thing. I tried to take pictures of the Happy Trail rack to a welder but it was to much work I guess. I have had the side bags for about a year and I really wanted to take a long ride here in South Korea. I'll let you guess what I found to make my rack out of....hehehe

I would like you guys to comment on what I have done so far. I kind think its to wide and long.....

Here are some pics and sorry for the bad Iphone pictures



So what is it???

He charged me $10 and did a great job

I am thinking of cutting it off at the bottom above the curve at the cross member

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Thanks for all the comments. I had to share your words to the wife to show her I am as smart as I think...LOL

I was going to add the bar on the back but first I think I will shorten it a bit by cutting at the top to keep the curves on the bottom. Storage tube is on order!! Do you guys think I should bring it in some? I have looked around and seen others that are really wide, maybe its because I'm not use to seening it on the bike.

Yep it was part of a chair that I found outside.

I'll post more pictures when I am "done"
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