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1550 Pelican case, like new $80- shipped CONUS

Hi Guy's and Gal's,

I have not logged in here for a while as I escaped Minnesota and moved to Southern Utah.

After riding some rocky and steep trails here, I sold my TW200 to a local friend and and am now officially a ATV guy and coyote hunter.

I do have for sale a new condition 1550 Pelican case that is in excellent condition, grey in color. I drilled the U mounts to fit the rear cycle racks mount on my bike. The case is absoultly in excellent condition and has never seen sunlight for more that a few hours outside. It would shipped in a cardboard box well wrapped.

The outside dimensions are;
20 1/2" wide
17 1/4" Deep
8 1/2" tall

I will sell it for $80-- shipped. Black Friday pricing; 20% off!

USPS MO only, no PayPal; they are anti 2A.....

Let me know if you have any interest, or if you need additional photo's.

Best Regards,


Obligatory photo of wife on ATV


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