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Are you using a brand new #114 jet? If its the original jet get a new one no matter how good it looks. I struggled to solve my TW's problem of poor performance which was instantly cured with a new #114 jet. Later I changed to a #112.

I also have an '87 and ride from sea level to about 3500'. Main jet now is #112, pilot #40, no shims, and the idle mixture screw is out about 2 to 2 1/2 turns. I replaced my CDI because there was an erratic miss. I sent my old CDI to Baurer, I think that is his name, and he fixed it so now I have a backup.

I also bought a CDI for some guys in the Czech Republic. The CDI had an adjustable advance curve. I played with it for a very little while and now it sits on the shelf.
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